7 Simple Steps That Help You To Overcome Procrastination

After years of struggle, fear and procrastination…I made one commitment to myself to fight for my dreams. 

Yes, there are a bunch of statistics out there about how 90% of startups fail, but what I want to do is to understand the truth why they failed and to learn from the 10%.

In the traditional way of thinking, starting a business can be considered as a high risk, bold action. But in today’s digital world, all we need is a laptop, a good Internet connection and one idea with the RIGHT MINDSET. If you have dreams, you should take action to achieve it whether if it’s starting a business with your passion or keep improving yourself to be on top of your expertise.

Now I’m going to tell you my story in order to give you the PRACTICAL insights that helped me to stop procrastinating, transform my life, change my habits, achieve my goals. And hopefully, it shall give you some inspirations ✨

In August this year, I had a disagreement with the company I was working for and got in lots of troubles because of them. During that time, I felt deceived, frustrated and lost…

Later, I had to go back home because I was literally BROKEN. On the one hand, I had to deal with my former company through legal approach to protect myself; I had a mortgage and few debts; on the other hand, my parents are really traditional, they just want me to find another “stable job” and get married before I turn 30. Lots of people around me are holding a concept that: for a girl, you can change your life by marrying a rich man. THIS IS SO WRONG based on the VALUES I stand for; I was also heartbroken from my personal life…

I knew I hit ROCK BOTTOM. ENORMOUS PRESSURE was like flood drowning me down.

Now, you may wanna say: “go get a job! it will fix your problem!”

But what I have realised is: I did not feel truly fulfilled in my 6 years corporate life, that company I was working for didn’t share the same value with me; I have traded my time and hard labour for money with something I wasn’t TRULY PASSIONATE about. And I would never make the kind of money I want to make to live my DREAMS. It’s all about living the DREAMS man!

And I wondered, what is my purpose? What is the meaning of my life if I keep doing something just for the money, the title, the weekends, the so-called stable and secure? or just for trying to fit in the crowds and being the leverage…What am I gonna say to myself before I die if I keep doing what I don’t even love?

One day, I was browsing on the internet and was inspired by a video on YouTube, it was An Interview With Dr Wayne W. Dyer, he said ” Don’t die… with your music still in you.” What gives me the most out of this video is the thinking of : I can not allow myself to live any life other than the one I was born to live.


You can watch this video below or on YouTube:


In September, I met my mentor – SFM online. (NOW, I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH about how IMPORTANT it is to have A GREAT MENTOR in your life.) And my life has been TURNING AROUND since then. 

What my mentor has been teaching me is how to have the RIGHT MINDSET ?in order to achieve my goals. This is THE GEM?.

After educating myself and learning from other successful people, I came up with 7 simple steps that I committed to applying on myself each and every day started from that day. They become my new habits and have been giving me the lifestyle and freedom I had been seeking for a long time.

I want to share with you here:




Think about it: What wakes you up in the morning? Is it your alarm or is it your passion?  I used to be a very lazy person, I slept late, got up in the middle of the day during weekends like most of the millennials do. But now, my commitment, my passion, my dream wakes me up EVERY MORNING, I don’t even need an alarm?

A simple change of routine can make all the differences. By starting your day early at 6:00-6:30 can add productive hours to your day. When you know clearly what is your purpose, your goal, your vision and you are committed to achieving it, then your passion will wake you up. “Purpose is the reason you journey, passion is the fire lights your way.”




We all know that meditation can help us reduce anxiety and release stress. But what we don’t know is meditation is a great way to stay present, it can help us to stay focus on where we are right now and not to regret about the past or worry about the future. That’s a very important ability to help us achieve our goals much quicker because once we’re focused on the NOW, we will have more joy and happiness in our lives and our brain will function better with positive energy. For more details about being present, I recommend you to read 《Power of Now》by Eckhart Tolle.




I don’t think I need to stress how regular exercise can benefit your body. For most people, regular exercise can not only make you keep fit, look good, stay healthy, but it is also a trendy hashtag for you to put on social media. But for self-driven individuals like me✌️, another reason for me to I get up and go for a quick run or do my morning stretch on my mat is because it levels up my energy of the day. Like meditation, it helps me stay focus and makes me more optimistic.




I make a quick plan to start my day after breakfast. It helps with my time management skills and can really put productivity into my work. Before I go to bed, I always check my daily planner and put checkmarks to what I have achieved, what is it I have to fix later, there is also a part for my daily successes and failures, for example, I put “Took time to give a message to mom and made her happy.” under the column of successes, and I put “Forgot to book flight earlier so now it’s more expensive” under the column of failures. When you have your business you want to keep a record. But more importantly, it will help you to unconsciously focus on success. That’s what I learned from Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition Mini-Course.




Now it’s time to work on the damn thing – to turn your dream into reality. Make sure you have enough time and space focusing on your work, your creation. Block out all the distractions: your “chit chat”, social networks, your cat – unless your cat is an influencer on Instagram…

Visualize your dreams, plan your goals and put a commitment to your work, share your expertise, experiences with passion. “Success is not an accident, its full of your passion and dedicated work.”




People often ask, what is the best way to invest yourself? I’m not talking about financial investment here nor a product you need to buy to add on yourself. The REAL INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF is to train yourself to feed your brain with knowledge and to increase values that you can provide to the world.

How do you do that? Read books every single day!

Whether its real books, audiobooks, your kindle or podcast…what you need to do is just consistently input information you are interested or business related to your brain. Some of the world most successful people are all readers, I was listening to a podcast channel the other day when people asked Bill Gates what superpower he would like to have, then he said, to have the ability to read more quickly.




We pick up this line quite often but we don’t actually do it regularly, including that old me. Self-love is not simply about to make yourself look good, make yourself happy by a new set of clothes or participating fun events, making new friends; it’s also can not obtain by a new adventure, new relationship or reading something inspirational. Self-love is your soul food that nourishes your soul. It grows out of mentality learning, self-development and self-care, it makes you become stronger and unstoppable.

Remember this, the only person can change your life and make your dream come true is YOU! Love yourself more than anything or anyone and you will attract more love.

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