How To Build Your Website In 2 Hours From Scratch! – Beginners Only

Yes, you heard me, 2 hours!

I’m not kidding, because that’s how long it took for me with my very first site.

Want to have your own website for your online business but got overwhelmed with all the technical terms? Or you don’t know how to start?

Today, I will walk you through it with just 3 practical steps I personally used to build my website efficiently.

Recently, many friends asked me how did I build my website and want to know if it’s complicated to do this for people like you and me. To stop you from doubting yourself: I barely know anything about IT nor programming. I’m a total newbie when it comes to high tech or computer science.


But the truth is, nowadays, to learn how to build your website is no difference than to learn how to set up your Facebook account, the only thing is, it takes a “few-YouTube-video” extra effort – you will find the answer below.


Now let me walk you through these 3 simple steps and get you started on your web journey for your business:


Step 1. Set Up 3 Key Elements For Your Website


3 key elements, aka your web builder platform, your web host, and your domain name.


You may already feel overwhelmed just by hearing these technical terms, so I cracked it down for you by using social media as a metaphor:



Install Website Builder Platforms


There are many platforms you can choose, I just put 3 most popular ones here: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace. About which one is most suitable for your business, you can go check this article below:


I use WordPress because it’s cheaper and easy enough for newbies like me to do drag and drop for my content. MORE IMPORTANTLY, it’s flexible for many types of business, whether if you are a blogger – try to drive traffic to your page; or a small business owner – want to set up your online shops later; or bigger organizations – like to bring your business to the next level and stress your brand image. With WordPress You don’t need to worry that you will have to start all over again once your business is “GLOWING” fast and you want to add more functions or pages (That’s my goal haha).


Choose Your Web Host


Like web builder platforms there are also many great web hosts you need to choose, for example: GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator…etc. They all have pros and cons, and the price range is between $0.99-$4.99/month. For more details, you can simply check this review here:

As I’m a member of SFM so I’m using their hosting platform called Digital Business Lounge atm. It’s also really convenient to use.


Purchase Your Domain


Once you decided your ideal web host, you can use it to search the domain name you want for your site and purchase it.

For beginners, I suggest you to use your name as your domain name, especially when you haven’t got your own product to promote yet. And try to use “.com” , “.cn” ,“.uk” , or “.us” instead of “.net” or “.org”.

If your name is already registered under “.com”, you can easily add “-” or words like “lifestyle”, “travel”…etc. Use my name as an example :


*If you are more of a visual learner like me you might want to check this video below,  I found on YouTube. It’s helpful.  ?




Step 2. Design Your Own Style


I know these 3 key elements above might be overwhelming, even a bit boring to do – It’s like writing down your basic info for your social media account, it’s not hard but it’s the foundation for your site. Once you get it done you will be all set!

Now we can start the FUN PART: design the style for your website. This does not mean that you need to become a designer. THE KEY is to choose a theme you like, but also need to check if it allows you to be FLEXIBLE and CREATIVE later on.


There are 2000+ themes on WordPress and most of them are free to use at a basic level.

  1. Choose 5-10 themes you like.

  2. Go through each theme, check page structure, basically if the page contain lots of widgets it’s hard for you to change the style later. So I personally prefer clean format with only pictures or paragraphs in the content, the TRICK here is: the more simple of the format is, the more flexibility you can have later on.

  3. Install your theme, simply just by click “install” button.


Step 3. Add Your Personality To Your Website 

What attracts people to visit your website is YOU. Your personality is your USP – unique selling point. So this step is very important and you will want to constantly adding new content and customize it.



  • Change your web title and tagline

  • Update photos and pictures

  • Create new blogposts

  • Modify your “About”page

  • Add widgets on certain pages

  • Try new plugins (I really recommend you to install a drag and drop page builder plugin like: Elementor, Beaver Builder …etc, you can find it in WordPress-Plugins)

  • Link your social media account to your website

  • Update key words for SEO…etc.

Congratulations – You are ready to launch your website!


PS: Remember, do keep upgrading your website as you’re improving yourself everyday too.


*all the links in this article are based on my personal practice, I won’t get any benefits from referring them.


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