How To Have A Successful Day With Morning Routine – 5 Rituals

Why do most successful people start their days with a great morning routine?

Because consistency is the key to do exdrodinary things.

To be honest, I was not a morning person and I would never get up early self-consciously. The reason why I got out of the bed was either because of my 9-6 cooperate job, or because I need to get some food before blackout from starvation. ?


But I put this habit to an end three months ago by waking up at 6 am and starting the day with my morning routine and rituals. It is very helpful for me to be productive and most importantly I’m more present after my morning routine and rituals, this puts me in a very good mood, I feel great.


Here are 5 rituals I do for my morning routine to start my day:


1. Drink Water


The first thing I do is to drink 2 cups of water (14oz-cup) every morning before doing anything else. After a long night sleep, I want to make sure my body is not dehydrated.  
Then after exercise, I drink some more.


2. Workout While Listen To Podcast


What I usually do is follow Yoga with Adriene (YouTube) for basic stretching poses or go jogging in a park while listening to my favourite podcast.

I feel relaxed meanwhile full of energy by waking my body up, and stretching helps my scoliosis.


3. 30 Minutes Meditation And Visualization


We are living in a society where we always feel stressed, emotional and overwhelmed because our brain is focusing on things happened in our past and worrying our future. But the truth is, NONE OF THESE IS REAL. Our mind is blocking us from being present by thinking about the past and the future all the time. It adds UNREAL stress and emotions to our body.


The only thing that matters to you is THIS SPECIFIC MOMENT. So how to be PRESENT is a powerful ability you want to have. And meditation is a great way to bring your body to it.


If you are not familiar with meditation, or you don’t know how to start, here are some simple steps I usually apply to myself:


  • Find a comfortable position to seat

  • Close your eyes

  • Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out

  • Repeat above step for few times, while doing that, try to pay attention to your breath and the energy flow in your whole body

  • Let go of your mind, let go of all your thoughts, your fears, your worries…Just FOCUS ON THIS MOMENT. If you find this hard to do at the beginning, you can just focus on your breath

  • Then visualize your goals and things you want to accomplish. Imagine how will you feel after you achieve your goals, imagine what it smells like, tastes like when you become who you want to become


4. Plan Your Day Ahead


Plan ahead definitely brings more productivity to your life. For me, it’s also a reminder, as I was easily forgetting things ?


I created a simple Daily Planner based on the version my mentor sent to me. After meditation, I put down 3 top projects I want to finish that day and people I have to reach out to.


5. Eat Healthy Breakfast


I’ve noticed that breakfast is the most important meal though out of my day because once I skipped breakfast or ate something bad I feel shitty the whole day. So I always take the time to prepare something like an egg, fruits, soy milk, oatmeal, grain bread…of course you can choose other items based on your preference.


I’m not perfect. There are few days I skipped a workout, missed my daily planner or just don’t feel motivated. Changing is hard, and once you decided to change your old habits, YOUR MIND will try to put all the obstacles to stop you, because your body is more comfortable with what you used to do, your mind is still thinking what you used to think.


But YOUR DREAM will wake you up if you know CLEARLY what it is, YOUR DREAM will make you JUMP. JUMP out of the bed, JUMP over the obstacles, JUMP towards your goals each and every day.

What wakes up in the morning will decide what you get in life

If your clock wakes you up, you will be always chasing after time.

If your stress, your fear, your anxiety wake you up, you will be always feel stressed, scared, anxious.

And If your dreams wake up, you will be chasing after your dreams and eventually living your dream life.

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