The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me: I got fired!

Thanks for firing me, Im grateful for what I have been through.

Like most of us, I was working my ass off in a corporate 9-6 (not even 9-5) “dream” for 6 years since graduation.


In August this year, I got fired from my former company.

I will never forget that “we don’t need you anymore” came out to me in front of other employees. And that was after I worked tons of long hours, weekends, brought great profit and connections to the company.


During that time my personal life was also a mess, I was heartbroken and nothing was working as I expected. Later, I went back home because I was broken, financially, also mentally…

For these 6 years, I was working hard projects after projects, I was hoping that pay raise or that promotions will give me the fulfillment; I barely had any vacations besides Chinese New Year and those pathetic annual leaves – if you ever lived in China you probably know what’s pathetic annual leaves?, AND YET I still didn’t have the amount of money to live the life I dreamed of…?

Seriously, that is enough for me!


Deep down my heart, I knew I need some serious changes.


A month later, when I was browsing the internet trying to figure out what to do with my life, I found my mentors and an AMAZING community with a group of like-minded people.


After that day, my life has been turning around. I tossed all my resume out in the trash and decided to work for myself and start an online business aligns with my passion.

What my mentors have been teaching me is how to have the right mindset to achieve my goals, in order to live the life I have dreamed of.


So what is it exactly changed me?

Here, I want to share my “powerful 7” with you!

“powerful 7” are 7 powerful principles that have helped me shift my mindset.


Principle#1: What feels important to you, find out your why


Isn’t it lame if our life is just sitting on the couch all day eating Doritos and watching TV or playing video games? Life is too short to be wasted. So what I did was getting my ass uo and discovering what feels important to me.

We all know that people who have achieved something extraordinary are all really passionate about things they do. Passion will give you the extra power to reach your goals, and to have a clear picture of your purpose can help you find out your passion,


Principle#2: Cut people with different values out of your life – Temporarily


I love my parents, they are really nice people and really supportive. But they are also very traditional Chinese parents want to take control of my everything, including who I’m going out with, my relationships, my age, my marrige…EVERYTHING!!! And they just want me to get married and find another “stable job”.

After stayed at home for few days I moved out again even though I miss them and wanted to stay longer. But I want to make sure I’m in charge of my own life, not anyone else.

“it’s not easy to detach from people you’ve had close ties with but sometimes it’s necessary in order to restore your sanity. Your mind peace.”


Principle#3: Be the guardian of your mind, only let positive information in


Have you noticed that you pay lots of attention on the negative news even nothing is relevant to you?

I used to read a lot of news every day, either on newspaper or tv. My days started with bankrupt, car accidents, drugs, crimes, gossip, wars…So you can imagine how my days went starting with all these negativity.

If you want to change your life, first you need to change the way you think, so what information we let our brain receive is what makes the difference. Instead of reading some irrelevant negative news, start to read/listen something positive in the morning can totally help you to improve the quality of your day.


Principle#4: Love yourself, take really good care of yourself


Self-love is not simply about reward yourself with a vacation or something you wanted for a long time; it’s also can not obtain by just one time action. Self-love is a long time investment that nourishes your soul. It grows out of mentality learning, self-development, self-discipline and self-care, it makes you become stronger and unstoppable.

Remember this, the only person can change your life and make your dream come true is YOU! Take care of yourself, love yourself first is the best way to love others and will attract more love to your life.


Principle#5: Compete with your future self, not other people


When I set up my 5 years goals, I visualized myself in 5 years, I visualized how I look like, what I will be doing and where I will be. Most importantly, I see my future self becoming kinder, wiser, stronger with bunch of new skills. Thinking about how greater person I will become and what I need to improve to become her excited me the most.

If you compete yourself against others, you will judge yourself based on other people’s values and standards, it’s easy to get lost or to become a hater because of jealousy. Even if you win, you are only doing something that’s not important to YOU, so what’s the point?


Principle#6: Be present


People asked me: How can I make myself stronger than my fear and worries that are trying to drag me down?

Think about it this way, where are your fears and your worries come from? Probably from things you in your past and your delusional future. But your past and your future are not what you should focus on because they are not what matters to you right now.

What matters to you is this specific moment. What you do at this moment will decide your future, what you do RIGHT NOW will make you stronger and become who you want to become.

Be present.

Be aware of your mind is always trying to stop you from being present because of your mind is the reason to keep you stay in the old pattern which aka the comfort zone, your mind is trying to keep you do things that’s “safe”


Principle#7: Learn, do and share your progress


“A DREAM written down with a date becomes a goal.

A GOAL broken down into steps become a plan.

A PLAN back by ACTION becomes REALITY”


After you decided to make some serious changes for your life, you’re about to begin a journey of self development. It takes COMMITMENT, HARD WORK and DEDICATION.

On this new journey, sometimes you will feel like no one is supporting you, no one believes in you, including your parents, all your friends are not understanding what you are doing.

What you need to do is to find a community with like-minded people, people in this kind of communities are usually are the difference stage of life and they have the same goals as you for self-development. It’s proven, if you share your breakthroughs and progress with those around you, things shift more quickly than if you keep them to yourself.

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