Top 10 YouTube Channels For Starting A Business in 2020

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Lack of inspiration while pursuing your dreams? 

Whether you are a driven “wantrepreneur” who’s hustling on the side or a goal achiever who already have an established business, there’s ALWAYS more to learn.

How to find accurate information in a limited time and make full use of it has become the biggest challenge for all of us in 2020.

Reading used to be our first choice for self-improvement and inspiration. However, YouTube has been a great source of education on just about every topic.

From social media hacks to personal branding advice, there are a number of Incredible YouTubers and channels that you can not miss to grow your business.

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, check out these 10 YouTube channels I recommend to you. I’ve also included 3 of my favourite videos from each channel so you won’t get lost in the sea of information.

No.1 The Rich Dad Channel

If you like the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, you can not miss The Rich Dad Channel by Robert Kiyosaki.

The channel not only has great tips for investing, but also amazing content about the spiritual and business mission. Robert summed up in the words of rich dad: “Many people start a business only to make money. Just to make money is not a strong enough mission. Money alone does not provide enough fire, drive, or desire. The mission of a business should fill a need that the customers want. And if it fills that need, and fills it well, the business will begin to make money.”

Frequency: 1/week

Current subscribers: 1,200,000+


– Investing and financial management lesson

– Millennial money advice

– Cashflow Clubs

Top 3 videos:

No.2 Neil Patel

As one of the top marketing experts, Neil can be found all over the network. He not only runs his own site: Neil Patel Digital, but also is the founder of Crazy Egg and free keyword tool Ubersuggest. Neil’s YouTube channel has a clear mission: To become “Your #1 Source for ALL THINGS MARKETING”.  

Frequency: 1/week

Current subscribers: 555,000+


– Search engine optimization tips and tricks

– Passive income tips

– All things marketing

Top 3 videos:

No.3 Sunny Lenarduzzi

This channel provides you with the easiest guide possible to become a YouTuber and to promote your products as well as your brand awareness. Sunny’s great content inspired me so much that I can not recommend enough for you to check it out.

Frequency: 2/week

Current subscribers: 390,000+


– Detailed social media & video marketing tips

– Passive income secrets

– Entrepreneurship mentality sharing

Top 3 videos:

No.4 Kevin David

Kevin David came out as a dark horse on YouTube by growing his subscriptions from 0 to nearly 900000 in just 3 years! The rapid growth of Kevin’s channel is inseparable from these three secrets: finding the right niche, creating valuable content, and constantly improving.

Frequency: 1/week

Current subscribers: 899,000+


– E-commerce – Amazon FBA

– Various resources to make money online

– social media, PPC advertising tips

Top 3 videos:

No.5 Think Media

As one of the most influential YouTubers, Sean Cannell created Think Media and then wrote his experiences into a best-selling book “YouTube Secret”. With his passion for video shooting and marketing, Sean provides lots of valuable tech & video equipment reviews, and social media marketing tips for aspiring young people. In addition, he and his team organize on-site training every week to share the latest and most popular online videos.

Frequency: 1/week

Current subscribers: 1,010,000+


– Handy video production tips

– Profitable affiliate marketing advice for beginners

– YouTube marketing secrets

Top 3 videos:

No.6 Tyler Moore

The first step to build a personal brand is to have your own website. But how can you build a professional website without learning to program? Tyler’s free YouTube course will teach you “step by step with no step skipped”.

Frequency: 1/half year

Current subscribers: 331,000+


– Detailed tutorials to build a website

– Non-techie tips and tricks

Top 3 videos:

No.7 Create a Pro Website

Another great channel for website tutorials. Unlike Taylor Moore, Create a Pro Website focuses on the combination of website and e-commerce and social media promotion, and also shares more “drag and drop” tricks that you and I can implement immediately.

Frequency: 1/month

Current subscribers: 105,000+


– Tutorials to build a website faster

– Set up e-commerce, basic SEO skills, useful plugins sharing

– Easy and quick to implement

Top 3 videos:

No.8 Vanessa Lau

A year ago, Vanessa decided to quit her 9-to-5 job in a global corporation and began to share her online business journey on YouTube. Through continuous efforts, she successfully built her personal brand, attracted a large number of millennial on both YouTube and Instagram.

Frequency: 1/week

Current subscribers: 200,000+


– Instagram, YouTube marketing

– Help millennial build online business and personal brand

– straight forward, no BS

Top 3 videos:

No.9 HubSpot

As a popular marketing software developer, HubSpot not only focuses on sales & marketing and customer service session but also regularly shares Artificial Intelligence, new technology trends.

Frequency: 1/week

Current subscribers: 88,700+


– Professional digital marketing tips

– Inspirational information about AI & new technology trends

Top 3 videos:

No.10 ODi Productions

A “must subscribe” channel if you want to start your business with affiliate marketing. ODi Productions introduces the low budget way to start a business with affiliate marketing. With less than $100 you can get started by building Sales Funnel, branding, outsourcing that can save you tons of time.

Frequency: 1/week

Current subscribers: 251,000+


– Affiliate marketing tips & tricks

– Passive income methods

– Amazon FBA session with Kevin David

Top 3 videos:

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