How To Not Let Distractions Distract You and Regain Your Focus

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Easily distracted and find it hard to focus?

For example:

Can’t help but click the pop-up banner while replying emails;
Scrolling through your phone while talking to others;
Obsessed with notifications on social media;
Turn to a new TV show instead of finishing that book you just started

It is a common problem nowadays that we seem to be busy all the time but feeling guilty for not accomplishing things we want.

How to stop being distracted and accomplish more by doing less?

Here are 3 ways to increase focus and concentration:

1. Wherever You Are, Be There Totally

We access so much information through what we see, hear, or even taste and smell. They are the major distraction and interruption that cause a lack of concentration.

It is more obvious during coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

During quarantine: how much time do you spend on the news and social media per day instead of using it to focus on one thing and invest in yourself?

Are you still following your New Year’s Resolutions? Or you already got distracted to other things at work or something else?

When we try to do tons of things it’s easy to get distracted. For example: thinking about B while doing A, worrying about C while dealing with B.

Jim Rohn once shared his experience when he was young: he made an appointment with his wife to take the children on a picnic during the weekend, but he kept thinking about work on the way. When he finally returned to the office, he then felt guilty for not enjoy the time with his family.

Then he said: “For things to change, you will have to change”.  “Focus on one thing” brought great changes to his life and had a huge impact on millions of people.

”Save the work until you get to work. Enjoy the moments off from work, and put the concentration in the right places. Separate your personal life from work life. You will split your priorities and never be 100% on anything in your life.”

Eating, walking, sitting and lying down. To reach the highest state of Zen, we should practice focus and concentration in every aspect of our lives.

No matter what you are doing, focus on one thing at a time:

  • When you eat, enjoy every bite.
  • When you play, play hard.
  • When you work, make a plan and put your heart and soul into it.
  • When you rest, take a deep breath, relax and stop worrying about anything.

2. Find Your Inner Peace

What I have learned from <<The Power of Now>> is that: Unconsciously identified with your mind is the biggest obstacle in life, almost everyone is suffering from it. But you can free yourself from your mind by becoming the observer of your thoughts.

“Make it a habit to ask yourself: What “problem” I have right now?

Not next year, tomorrow or 5 minutes from now. What is wrong with this moment?”

Write your answer on a piece of paper, write also the solution you can think of next to it. Then take action to solve it.

If you can’t find a solution now, that means it is out of your control, then there is no need to worry about.

By doing this process, it will help you drop your fears, worries and stress.

By not letting go of the past or worrying too much about the future, it’s easy to reproduce the past and worries in the outcome.

The past has passed; the future has not yet to come.

“Attention. Here and Now. Wake up.”

You can let go of your past and worries and awaken your consciousness by meditating in daily life, this will help you do things more efficiently, and peacefully.

Another important thing mentioned in <<The Power of Now>> is that:  Joy and happiness are different.

Happiness usually derived from some secondary source which will never last long. Joy is something comes within yourself, from your inner peace.

3. Eliminate Pointless Distractions

In Chinese saying, there is one diligence called “blind diligence”. Means blindly working hard with no direction or purpose.

How do you expect to stay focused if your phone is constantly buzzing with new notifications from Instagram, or your computer continually dings with emails?

Allowing distractions to distract you is like a ship sailing without direction, it is impossible to reach its destination no matter how hard you try.

Overall, improving focus is something I’ve been constantly working on. It is difficult to do sometimes. However, by awaking my awareness and eliminating distractions, it is easier for me to be productive.

What hacks do you use to reduce distraction and improve focus in daily life?

Leave a comment below:)

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