10 Must-have FREE Content Creation Tools That Will Help You Get Stand Out On Social Media

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How to create content that stands out from all the other content in your Wechat official account, Red (aka 小红书), Instagram, Facebook, and other social feeds?

More importantly, how to maximize your productivity with fewer tools in the digital marketing world.

For starters, I want to share with you some of the best social media graphic tools and resources I’ve been using since day 1. They have helped me improve my content creation skills, saved me a lot of time, also increased the engagement and traffic to my website.

What’s even more awesome? They are 100% FREE!

So here we go:

Free Stock Photos


Pexel provides millions of free stock photos and image collections, most of them are absolutely beautiful with high resolution.

Besides photos, you can also find good video footage for your vlog.

Here are a few illustrations:

Website & Blog Pictures

WeChat Official Account Image

Background Image for Red

Instagram Background Image

YouTube Video Footage


Free Vector Icons


Probably one of the biggest free vector icons database sites! You can easily find thousands of free icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as icon font.

How To Download Icons
1. Go to Flaticon.com. Select the icon you want to download, choose the size and format on the right side.
2. Click “Free download” (don’t forget to attribute the author~)

My favourite part is that you can download as packs and sets that match with your website and personality.

Social Media Icon Pack

Gym & Fitness Icon Pack

Quarantine Icon Pack

Free E-book Cover Creator


Thanks to Google, I found this website through 1 search when I was trying to add a cover to my e-notes.

Besides making e-book covers, this site provides other creating resources too, which I want to explore later.

How To Make Your E-book Cover
1. go to adazing.com/cover-mocks, choose template you like
2. Enter your email and upload your e-book cover. Click “Finish”
3. Click “Download Your Free Mockup”
4. Once you are done, they will show you previews of other templates, how awesome!


Free Image Editing APP


I’ve been using Meitu since high school, haha. It is one of the best photo editing tools. Functions that need to be paid for on other Apps Meitu has always provided for free. Highly recommended!

Here are a few illustrations:

Portrait Editing

1. You can use it for detailed photo editing

2. You can use “Contour” to whitening your image background

Before vs. After

Cutout & Add Stroke

1. You can use “Cutout” to separate object from the background 

2. In “Background”, you can choose another background or color you like, add “Stroke” to the object

Pro Photo Editing APP

Lightroom APP

One of my favourite photo editing APPs – Lightroom! Highly recommend for Photoshop beginners.

There are tons of top-notch filters and photoshop tutorials from professional photographers around the globe on   Lightroom.

The best part is: they are FREE!

Free Photoshop Tutorials

1. Open Lightroom App on your phone or tablet, click “Learn” on home page

2. Choose the course you want to learn and click “Start Tutorial”. Each Tutorial only takes 2-5 minutes

Free Filter Preset

1. Open Lightroom App on your phone or tablet, click “Discover” on home page

2. Choose the filter you like, click “…” on the top right, and click “Save as Preset” on the bottom left

3. Choose the photo you want to edit, find “Preset” on the bottom right corner, click the preset you just saved. Well done!


I used Snapseed for a while before Lightroom. It is a professional photo editor developed by Google. It offers an incredible level of control over its effects and filters.

Snapseed used by many professional photographers and influencers to edit pictures on their phones. It is a good choice if you are more serious about mobile image editing.

29 Useful Key Features

I like to use “Perspective” to edit my pitures,and use “Healing” to remove the sundries from the landscape photos

Before vs. After


Basic Graphic Design


My favourite designing tool.

You can literally create ANYTHING on Canva.

Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts are absolutely amazing for content creation!

I can not recommend enough and I think every marketer and wantrepreneur should know how to use it.

Here are a few illustrations:

Background for RED

Instagram Feed

YouTube Thumbnail

Facebook Cover


WeChat Official Account Cover


DIY Animated GIFs


Here are 3 simple steps to create GIF using GIPHY:

1. Upload photo/GIF or video you want to make GIF with

2. Editing GIF, can add caption, stickers, filters or draw your own animation

3. Click “Media”, choose the format you want to download, I usually choose MP4

Here is an example:

I use GIPHY to create GIFs for my WeChat Official account, also use it to create GIFs for my email marketing – another great way to draw your audiences’ attention in the emails.

*Content Creation App For RED


A great tool for creating content for RED, you can find lots of different fonts on this App.


*Layout Design for Wechat Official Account


I assume most of the marketers in China know about Xiumi.com, it is a great tool for your WeChat official account layout powered by QQ. Compares to Xiumi, 135editor.com is also a good one but sometimes more complicated to use.

Remember to keep everything as simple as possible.

Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand, says, “If you confuse, you’ll lose.”

So, always clarify your message.

3 Things To Do 

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2. Share with friends on social and stay tuned:)

3. Take action! (the most important one)

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