Hi, I'm Xucheng / Chloe

Me, myself and I

I'm a student for a lifetime, nature lover, music lover, goal achiever and a content creator who's trying her best to thrive in this digital age while helping people solving problems.


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My Story

Thank you for taking your time to read my story.
Like most of us, I was living a 9-5 corporate (9-6 actually ) lifestyle the same as most of millennial.
“Ugh, not another Monday!” was the first thing I say to myself when my alarm woke me up.
And 'Thanking god on every Friday' was my weekly ritual. For 6 years, I have joined this crowd called "living for the weekend" 
I wasn’t happy when I woke up in the morning, especially on Monday. And I thought that’s the way life is.

Me in 2017

In August 2019, I have been through tons of troubles with my former company, they did something illegal against my rights, after having a disagreement with my boss, they fired me.
For 6 years, I was working hard projects after projects, I was hoping "that pay raise" or "that promotion" will give me the fulfilment and freedom I want; I barely had any vacations besides Chinese New Year and those pathetic annual leaves - if you ever lived in China, you definitely know what’s "pathetic annual leaves". 
AND YET I still didn’t have the amount of money to live the life of my dreams... Seriously, enough is enough!
During that time my personal life was also a mess, I was heartbroken and nothing was working as I expected. Later, I went back home because I was broken, financially, also mentally...
But even home is not sweet home as it should be... “What you should do is to get married and have kids now. You are already passed the education period in your life!” “Look around, all your friends are having kids, why are you trying to be different?” “You are wasting your time” “Find another job, make sure this time they provide you good benefit and insurance” "It's too risky, play it safe!"
... That's what I got most from people around me, especially from I love in this past year.
After I made the decision to change my life, I cut people out - temporarily, because I want to make sure I am the ONLY one who's in charge of my life. Not my boss or my mom.
I BELIEVE in myself and I don't give "a dog food" about what others think or say. I AM willing to take risks, challenges and to try new things because I have a dream!
One day when I was browsing the internet trying to figure out what should I do with my life, I found my mentors.
After that day, my life has been turning around.
I've always known that everyone of us has great opportunities in the digital economy. There are a lot of way to make money online nowadays, but there are also a lot of scams out there. I used to be skeptical about online investment. Because too many unpleasant news and rumors make me think this way.
Also, even if I have great ideas, I was not sure where and how to start. Until I joined this community called the SFM.
My mentors in SFM has been great positive impact for me. Guiding people to have THE RIGHT MENTALITY for success is what separate them from most organisations and platforms out there.
Now, I'm taking the courage to change my life by educating myself with tons of new skills about digital marketing , most importantly the right mindset help me overcome obstacles. And I'm receiving great support from this amazing community.
Everyday I’m working on things I’m passionate about. I even started play my violin frequently, and reading becomes my new habits. My parents couldn't believe it until they were inspired by my passion and daily rituals.
I can decide when and where to work, how to plan my schedules. It is magical! - Maybe because I have lived in China for so long, freedom is what I really want in life.
Every morning I wake up with positive energy and enthusiasm in working on my business. I love creating and sharing my experiences and tools with my friends and social media because I know it may help another person who’s in the same situation as I was. I feel so fulfilled and present that I would never feel before. I see myself as a peaceful and aspiring person I never thought I could be.
At the beginning, I have doubted myself, yes I saw a lot of people have achieved with SFM, got great results, but I was not sure if I can have enough time and money to do this or if it's the right choice for me. But now I realised it simply comes down to learn the skills of digital marketing, this can be done by anyone who has the motivation and dedication to do it.
Yes, it will challenge you. You will need to put some hard work time to time to build your platform within your niche and learn to market your product online, but once it's set up, the business will run by itself: with an online business, you can earn an income 24/7 and you will have the freedom to do things around your passion!
The most important part of my journey is that I found my true self, I have changed a lot, I learn to grow with my passion, I become more independent, more confident and brave.

I'm a mountain girl

My Hobbies

I  LOVE: traveling, music, swimming, hiking, yoga, scub adiving, ice skating, yummy food, whisky, dance
Recently I'm BIG INTO: reading, listening podcast, learning new skills, sharing my learnings

Top Values In Life

Happiness; Freedom; Love; Family; Integrity; Gratefulness; Self-Improvement ; Success;


"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, you owe me." - Hafiz
"If you want to change your life and live your dreams, ask your self one question: what is stopping you? Wake up and let’s do the damn thing!"

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