The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me: I got fired!

Thanks for firing me, I’m grateful for what I have been through. Like most of us, I was working my ass off in a corporate 9-6 (not even 9-5) “dream” for 6 years since graduation.   In August this year, I got fired from my former company. I will never forget that “we don’t need you anymore”…
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How To Build Your Website In 2 Hours From Scratch! – Beginners Only

Yes, you heard me, 2 hours! I’m not kidding, because that’s how long it took for me with my very first site. Want to have your own website for your online business but got overwhelmed with all the technical terms? Or you don’t know how to start? Today, I will walk you through it with…
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7 Simple Steps That Help You To Overcome Procrastination

After years of struggle, fear and procrastination…I made one commitment to myself to fight for my dreams.  Yes, there are a bunch of statistics out there about how 90% of startups fail, but what I want to do is to understand the truth why they failed and to learn from the 10%. In the traditional…
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